Membership recovery

Some people are in the recovered backup, some are not. If you had registered before 2017-06-18, you are in. You will need to supply only your username and email or announce key.

If you signed up afterwards, or you have lost (or never received) your invite email, things are a little more complicated. We will consider any proof you may be able to supply, such as the complete signup email, or screenshots of your profile page. Staff has the final say in whether the proof is sufficient.

Your username

Should be obvious – your username on Apollo. When you receive your invite link, you have the chance to change it to something else if that is your wish.

Your email

The email address used for registration. If you changed your address at some point, any address is valid, assuming it is the the backup.

Your Password

This will be hashed upon reception and compared with the existing hash of your password. When you receive an invite to Orpheus, you should not reuse this password.

Your announce key

You can look this up by viewing the properties of an APL torrent. The key is a long string of hexadecimal (digits 0 to and 9 and letters A to F) characters. This is optional, but provides additional proof that you are who you say you are and can be used in lieu of a password.

Your original APL/XNX invitation

Please copy-paste the original raw message.

In Protonmail, this requires two steps. Firstly, you need to obtain the headers. View the message and hover over the rightmost button (More) in the navigation bar. Choose "View Headers". Copy and paste this into the field below. Then copy the text body of the message.

In Gmail, this is "View Original". In Exchange and Thunderbird, this is "View Source". Other mail clients will have similar options.

If you signed up after 2017-06-18, your account is not in the backup. If you have an invitation email, this is accepted proof.


Bundle up any screenshots or HTML "Save as" copies of your profile into a tarball, or any standard archive format, compressed as you see fit. We should be able to figure out most formats. Size is limited to 10MiB. Only HTML and PNG and JPEG image formats are accepted. All other filetypes will be discarded.

Additional information

You may optionally supply any additional information you deem necessary, such as your final user class on Apollo as you remember it.

Upon clicking "Send", your uploaded information will be stored, validated and then reviewed by Staff. If everything checks out, an invite email will be sent to your address. Information you supply will be stored in a holding pen and will be deleted after thirty days (so if you haven't heard back by then, you never will).

On the next page, a unique token will be generated for you. You should make a note of it, as it can be used as an identifier on the IRC #recovery channel if you need to get in touch with us. Never paste it in any channel, a Staff member will ask you to send it via a private message.

Rate limiting applies. You cannot submit this form more than once every five minutes from the same IP address.